Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New from Hagen Music: Is this love?

Is this love?

(music & lyrics 
        by Brent D. Scheihagen)

Love is a bit of a mystery.
Wouldn’t you agree?
The source of all things good and pure
Or so it would seem

It’s also the source of such pain
If you believe all of those who start wars
As they come knocking down your doors

Love is a sweet kind of song
You hear now and again
It’s quiet and easily broken by a whisper

And it can come on like a siren
Crowding the thoughts in your head
It’ll toss you and turn you in bed        
‘til you think you’d be better off dead

Oh ooo … is this love?
Oh ooo … ooo

Love is a kind of medicine
That heals in the end
The remedy it prescribes is patience

Patience gives way to forgiveness
Forgiveness to emptiness
I think that it’s time I confess

…and in the end, is the love you take
         equal to the love you make?

Rowing in our boats
Gently down this stream
Merrily we roll over rapids
 In this long unwinding dream

So they say this is life,
But, Lord, I feel so cold
Cuz I’m afraid of losing my soul
Though love’s just this big, empty whole

Oh ooo … is this love?
Oh ooo … ooo

*          *          *

All instruments and vocals are Brent; recorded in Dallas, TX a few years ago and inspired by a couple of good books.  

Image 1 is from Brent's notebooks and is titled "Humanity on the threshold of morality."
Image 2 was created by Vin Scheihagen and is titled "War in Heaven."
Image 3 is a photograph taken by Brent at a derelict military outpost near the city of Keelung, Taiwan (基隆,台灣).

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