Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to Hagen Music ... officially.

 Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Xs and Ys and Zs...

... and welcome to Hagen Music.  A platform, at long last, for the creative works of Brent Scheihagen.

I'd like to thank you for joining me thus far and hope that we will still have a long way yet to go for this newest chapter in my journey has only just begun.  It is my journey, but without you there would be little purpose in it.

Hagen Music has been created as a means to share music, the visual and literary works of the creator while also serving as a place to share in the work of others.  The site is brand new as of this date and is likely to go through many changes in the weeks and months to come, but its purpose will generally be to:

      -   share recorded music
      -   provide updates on upcoming performances
      -   provide access to purchasing and/or downloading the artist's music
      -   share thoughts, stories, news
      -   share videos and photographs
      -   as well as links to other artists, musicians, filmmakers and people of interest

If it benefits me, this website, then great!  I'll be happy...

... but if it can benefit you and others in any way, then that would be even better.  May we all find inspiration, fulfillment and joy in each others works.

Brent Scheihagen

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally! Brent's music is online!

Tap Out

(music & lyrics by Brent D. Scheihagen)

My heart's not in it anymore
I'd walk right out if I could only find the door
Don't you find it strange that none of this will change
and still you're coming back for more?

Well, I'll say goodbye
but my friends please do not cry
I'll be around if you should need
Yes I'm going away
to see the end of days
when all the tears run dry for you and me

It must be something I don't know (oh, no)
If it was there, well, then I'd think that it would show
Guess I'll look again; just a terrapin
singing "What you reap is what you sow."

So, I'll say goodbye
but my friends please do not cry
I'll be around if you should need
Yes I'm going away
to see the end of days
when the tears run dry for you and me

Well, I can't live a life of needful things
so you can keep all those wasted dreams
and my heart would know no rest, you can be sure
cuz I can't walk this ________ line anymore.

*          *          *

'Tap Out' began as a guitar riff, developed while Brent was living in Michigan (Summer '08), and would be finished later while living in Plano, TX (Winter '08).  The term 'tap out' is a sports reference, which means to submit as in a wrestling match; Brent here extends the term to a spiritual meaning.

All instruments, voices and programming was done by Brent while living in Danshui, Taiwan (淡水,台灣).  Image 1 is from Brent's notebooks, while image 2 is a photo taken somewhere in Macao.