Wednesday, March 20, 2024

"An Inconvenient Earth" - A Poem

 'ello! 'ello!

Here for everyone's apocalyptic enjoyment are a few verses I tossed off back in March of 2020, right when pandemic lockdowns were taking hold across the globe. Perhaps, I was feeling a little more pessimistic than usual at the time ... just a little ... but then I quite forgot about the poem for some time--the title of which is an obvious play on the title of the climate documentary, An Inconvenient Truth

I'd recently started making an effort to collect my scattered song lyrics and poems into a single folder and had a devil of a time finding this one, to the point that I half-thought I'd imagined writing it in the first place! Fortunately, my marbles have not all entirely rolled out my brain pan and I found my original draft last week. I'd long had a concept for how I wanted to present it on a page and, while what you see here does not entirely match my original conception, it's pretty close. The only thing really missing is a pair of cut-out legs ala Terry Gilliam doing a stiff-legged silly walk across the beach ... but I thought they'd clutter up the page. And I couldn't find just the right pair. 

I've also liberally borrowed the Ship of Fools from Heironymus Bosch's eponymous piece. I don't think he'll mind. He's been dead for quite some time. Probably would be happy that his work is still living!

Anyhoo, without further ado, please enjoy "An Inconvenient Earth" and feel free to cry or dance or howl with laughter at the moon in response. Or all three at the same time.


- DH

Monday, February 12, 2024

The Old Hermit of Silesia, part II - A Short Story

 And here we are, the conclusion of the short story, 'The Old Hermit of Silesia'!

Greetings once again, everyone. If you read the first installment--and I thank you if you did--then here is final half of the tale of Mikhail Osterhoff and the strange old man who wanders the Silesian Mountains.

Thanks again to MD and also LG for revisions and feedback. Much obliged!

May love guide your actions and your words as I hope it has this little work of mine.


- DH

 Without further ado ...

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Old Hermit of Silesia, part I - A Short Story

     Salutations and season's greetings!

Just as promised, here is my short story, 'The Old Hermit of Silesia', just in time for Chri--Wait ... What day is this? The 31st of January, you say? Possibly, February 1st? (Depending on what part of the world you're in.) Possibly not even 2023 nor 2024, but some other year entirely?! Have we come untethered from time and space at long last?!?! 

Nah, I just am far later than I hoped in getting this story rough-finished, typed, edited, proofread, edited again, proofread again, formatted and posted, while simultaneously dealing with a sick child, a sick me, actual paying-work deadlines, and the various and sundry family business to take care of. (Including, I must confess, a lovely family trip to parts mountainous, forested, beflowered, oceanic, bespeckled with local culture, and becatted.)

Aaaaaaanyway, part I of the story is done and, barring any glaring but overlooked mistakes, I'm ready to bestow it upon the world. (Well, I'll be bedamned--I must stop doing that.)

Much thanks to MD for editing assistance and feedback!

Without further ado, enjoy The Old Hermit of Silesia', part I.

- DH