Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Music Collaboration: City Hunter (城市歌)

City Hunter (城市歌) 
(music by Aaron Kraft; English lyrics/vocals by Brent Scheihagen; Chinese lyrics/vocals by Terry Luan)

Out in the night
夜晚的城市   謎團的開始
街燈的角落有 犯罪
The city sleep light
沈睡的夢  甦醒的野獸
遊走著邊緣  繞成

Find where it starts
找不到出口  找不到開頭
像莫非爾絲線圈  沒有起點  只有運作

The dark of heart
見不得光  除了血光  它最愛的電影叫作月光  光心慌 慌
Up above, the stars still shine…
It cuts like a knife

They took your life
ya  再一次得手  再一次逞兇
我天生就該作牲 畜的管控
不要再囉嗦  不需要藉口
我下手  你的身體就是賭桌

籌碼從來沒在你的手 裡面過
你甚至沒有真正的在 賭局過

Time was ripe
The season’s right
Your taste, divine, oh…
M型的高潮你正享受存在  正享受無奈 it’s so tight

Justice cries
At your demise
I will bring the light
M型的高潮你正享受存在  正享受無奈 it’s so tight

Up above, the moon does shine
Up above the world so high
M型的高潮你正享受存在  正享受無奈 
It’s so tight

Out in the night
夜晚的城市   謎團的開始
街燈的角落有 犯罪的主場優勢  遊戲已經無聲地開始
The city sleeps light
沈睡的夢  甦醒的野獸
遊走著邊緣  繞成迴圈 24小時之間 它不停的運作
Found where it starts
找不到出口  找不到開頭
像莫非爾絲線圈  沒有起點  只有運作
Deep in the heart
見不得光  除了血光  它最愛的電影叫作月光  光心慌 慌 

*          *          *

The second offering from Terry Luan, Aaron Kraft and Brent Scheihagen, this track was created from an instrumental piece that Aaron had recorded some years back.It's a darkly complex affair, a mystery in which Terry and I are the voices of the protagonist and antagonist respectively.Also, it has some kick-ass bass playing by Mr. Kraft, not to mention a guest appearance on guitar by Mr. David Matthews.

Image 1 was taken at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.
Image 2 was taken near the village of Jing Gua Shan (金瓜山), a part of the mining facilities that had been used earlier in the century.
Image 3 is a secret.
The gentlemen in image 4 are Mr. Kraft, Mr. Luan, Mr. Matthews and Mr. Scheihagen (in clockwise order from the top-left).

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