Friday, April 3, 2015

New Video: "Nothing To Prove" - Live in Taidong

Tie Hua Village (鐵花村)
1 July 2014

(Brent D. Scheihagen; arr. Electric Monk)

This is the first of four videos that were recorded back on July 1st of last year. Electric Monk performed its last two shows in Taidong (台東) and Dulan (都蘭) respectively. While we didn't get any video of the last show, we do have a complete sound recording. However, the show in Taidong at Tie Hua Village (鐵花村) was filmed on 3 different cameras thanks to 黃泓碩 (Huáng Hóng-shuò). I sent the film to my brother Dale, who works in video editing, in Texas; he edited three videos for us while a colleague, Michael Johnson, edited a fourth.  We're grateful to all of those involved for the assistance, as well as the opportunity to perform at Tie Hua Village.

The show itself was a mixed bag and we didn't perform our best throughout the show, but these four songs came out very well, so we're happy to share them.  The first is a song written by myself called "Nothing to Prove". Enjoy!


Friday, March 20, 2015

New Music: The Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends"

(Lennon/McCartney; arr. Brent Scheihagen)

Originally performed by the Beatles

This month's song was recorded as a "Thank You" for my friends and family; it was my birthday recently and I felt very fortunate to receive so much kindness from so many. The timing was also appropriate as an exhibition about the Beatles was coming to a close here in Taipei. My wife and a few friends attended the exhibition in its last weekend and, afterward, were joined my more friends and family for a birthday lunch. The weather was gorgeous, bright and clear after many a frigid, wet and gloomy day during the passing winter.  I really feel very fortunate to have the life that I do and I know that much of it is due to having so many good people around me. Let this song be my wish that you are  also surrounded by friends and loved ones. So, this one's for you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Music: Joanna Wang's (王若琳) "有妳的快樂"

作詞:娃娃; 作曲:Peter Sven Kvint / Vincent Degiorgio
(Wawa / Kvint / Degiorgio; arr. Brent Scheihagen)

Originally performed by Joanna Wang (王若琳)



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Performance News: With Electric Monk! Saturday, December 21st, 8pm at A House

Electric Monk's next show is coming up in a little less than 2 weeks from today! So come one and all for an hour and a half of original music in the cool laid-back atmosphere of A House.

As with our last show, Ed Schaeffer will be pounding away (tastefully, mind you) on the drums, with Kyle Scheihagen generally holding down the bottom end.  Greg Tackett, alas, could not join us due to other commitments and has left the band, but we wish him well.  In his place, for most of the night, will be Fugue State's Khiel Jeffcoat playing guitar and violin.  We've been hard at work preparing for the show, so we hope you'll join us in sharing the fruits of our labor.

To buy tickets, or for more info, CLICK HERE!

WHEN (日期): 12 / 21 / 2013 (Sat) 20:00
WHERE (場地): A House
ADDRESS (地址): Click the address for directions.
No. 18, Alley 5, Lane 107, Fu Xing S. Rd., Section 1, Da-an District, Taipei City
PHONE (旁電話): (02) 2778-8612
COST (票價): 預售/現場 NT$350 (includes 1 FREE Drink)
WHY: With almost two hours of great music at a nice cozy cafe with plenty of good drinks to 
choose from and good friends to hang out with, what could be better?
Check out the videos below from our last show at A House!
Or go to view them there.
video video

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New from Hagen Music: "Dual/Duel"

(music & lyrics: Brent D. Scheihagen)

I never wanted isolation
to be here on my own
but when my voices goes calling
only echoes bring it home

We are the silence
We are the darkness in your heart
We are the master
the one who keeps you torn apart

*          *          *