Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Old Hermit of Silesia, part I - A Short Story

     Salutations and season's greetings!

Just as promised, here is my short story, 'The Old Hermit of Silesia', just in time for Chri--Wait ... What day is this? The 31st of January, you say? Possibly, February 1st? (Depending on what part of the world you're in.) Possibly not even 2023 nor 2024, but some other year entirely?! Have we come untethered from time and space at long last?!?! 

Nah, I just am far later than I hoped in getting this story rough-finished, typed, edited, proofread, edited again, proofread again, formatted and posted, while simultaneously dealing with a sick child, a sick me, actual paying-work deadlines, and the various and sundry family business to take care of. (Including, I must confess, a lovely family trip to parts mountainous, forested, beflowered, oceanic, bespeckled with local culture, and becatted.)

Aaaaaaanyway, part I of the story is done and, barring any glaring but overlooked mistakes, I'm ready to bestow it upon the world. (Well, I'll be bedamned--I must stop doing that.)

Much thanks to MD for editing assistance and feedback!

Without further ado, enjoy The Old Hermit of Silesia', part I.

- DH