Friday, April 3, 2015

New Video: "Nothing To Prove" - Live in Taidong

Tie Hua Village (鐵花村)
1 July 2014

(Brent D. Scheihagen; arr. Electric Monk)

This is the first of four videos that were recorded back on July 1st of last year. Electric Monk performed its last two shows in Taidong (台東) and Dulan (都蘭) respectively. While we didn't get any video of the last show, we do have a complete sound recording. However, the show in Taidong at Tie Hua Village (鐵花村) was filmed on 3 different cameras thanks to 黃泓碩 (Huáng Hóng-shuò). I sent the film to my brother Dale, who works in video editing, in Texas; he edited three videos for us while a colleague, Michael Johnson, edited a fourth.  We're grateful to all of those involved for the assistance, as well as the opportunity to perform at Tie Hua Village.

The show itself was a mixed bag and we didn't perform our best throughout the show, but these four songs came out very well, so we're happy to share them.  The first is a song written by myself called "Nothing to Prove". Enjoy!


“Nothing to Prove”

Summer breaks on the days multiplying
As they slowly fade away
There’s no reason left now for crying
And there’s nothing left to say

Take me back to the days of tomorrow
When the future was still so clear
And the past was dead, cold and hollow
So there was nothing there to fear

     You know there’s nothing new
     To come beneath the sun
     So here’s to all of you
     I don’t have a thing to prove to anyone

Living life is harder than trying
To prove that there’s a God,
But I guess it’s easier than dying
Or I’d be sleeping in the sod.

 I need you to hold me here
 I need you to love me true

Loving you is like solving a puzzle
Sometimes the pieces just don’t fit
And I can break my own heart from trying
Until I just want to quit

But every now and again I get the feeling
That things just fall into a place
And loving the world is just as easy
As air in empty space

     You know there’s nothing new
     To come beneath the sun
     So here’s to all of you
     I don’t have a thing to prove to anyone

     And you know it’s just as well
     ‘cause when all is said and done
     So here’s to all of you
     You don’t have a thing to prove 
          to anyone 

*          *          *
The three accompanying images were taken at various place in Taiwan by myself. That is to say, I, Brent D. Scheihagen, took these photos and later digitally manipulated them, etc.


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