Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New from Hagen Music: I'll Sleep When I Die

 I'll Sleep When I Die
(music & lyrics by Brent D. Scheihagen)

There’s no time for resting
Or to sit on my hands
As I clap at the monsters
That drift in the sands
On the shores of my brain
And deep in the cave of my heart
            I must confess I’ve been telling you lies
            I guess that I’ll sleep when I die

The blacksmith is hammering
And pounding out notes
Sits shelling out quotes
To any who’d listen
But nobody cared from the start
      I admit I’m too busy to even care why
      Cos I know that I’ll sleep when I die

Stewart and Stephen are hot on the heels
Of people without feet
Who run black (free?) market deals
In the halls of a capital
That echo an empty refrain
      These Citizens United just lean back and sigh
      Me?  It looks like I’ll sleep when I die

Jesus came back
But it wasn’t good news
The lenders been lending
In the temple of commerce
They’ve been running a scam
      Jesus is drowning but they’re warm and dry
      Telling me I’ll sleep when I die
The monsters are restless
And the smithy’s been fired
Have gone and retired
To quieter shores
No trespass allowed
         On this earth, whether land, water or sky
         I find there’s no peace till I die.

*          *          *
All images are from Brent's notebooks.
The first is a drawing of the legend of "Sisyphus" - Sleep when I die?  Maybe not...
We also included links to illuminate a few of the more obvious references in this song, just on the chance that you may not be familiar with a particular reference. The references in connection to each other are sometimes a bit obscure, but connections can be made nonetheless.

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