Friday, February 20, 2015

New Music: Joanna Wang's (王若琳) "有妳的快樂"

作詞:娃娃; 作曲:Peter Sven Kvint / Vincent Degiorgio
(Wawa / Kvint / Degiorgio; arr. Brent Scheihagen)

Originally performed by Joanna Wang (王若琳)



Joanna's Wang's “有妳的快樂” (pronounced yo-nee-duh-kwai-le) or "The Happiness of You" is a song that I learned after being requested to play at a wedding for two of my wife's friends. This is the first song that I have learned (completely) and recorded in Chinese. I had also learned three verses of Lo Da-you's (羅大佑) "童年" ("Childhood") - also for a wedding - but if you listen to the song, you'll notice that it has a lot (!) of words. "有妳的快樂" was an easier song to learn lyrically if not as easy to sing musically. Joanna Wang is a well-known singer and performer in Taiwan and I hope she would pleased with my rendition. More importantly, my wife enjoys it and I've dedicated my recording to her as a Valentine's Day present for 2015. Enjoy! 


我怎麼都不想睡 天特別亮夜特別的黑
當我深深的呼吸 心中充滿想你的甜蜜

想和你走在雨中 想要你牽我的手

說不出有多麼快樂 還是不夠 這感覺這一切
就好像飄在外太空 別的星球 只有我們存在

喜歡和你在一起 無聊的生命也變有趣
讓你聽我的音樂 分享在每一刻的心情

在一起越來越久 開始會對你在乎
只要你在身邊 日子就亮起來

說不出有多麼快樂 還是不夠 這感覺這一切
就好像飄在外太空 別的星球 只有我們存在

愛情在這個時候 我的心就像天氣

說不出有多麼快樂 還是不夠 這感覺這一切
就好像飄在外太空 別的星球 只有我們存在

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Click here to hear Joanna Wang's version.

The image is a picture taken on top of Penang Hill in Penang, Malaysia.

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