Sunday, May 22, 2011

Work in Progress #2: May 22, 2011

More news from Hagen Music

1.  IN PRODUCTION: First, you'll notice the rather fancy design with Brent's name both in English and Chinese.  This is the front side of his name card which has been designed with the assistance and talent of a young Taiwanese artist named 陳青琳 (Chen Chinlin).  She will also be helping in the design of Brent's first soon-to-be published CD.  

Chinlin (or Kim) does excellent work and Hagen Music was fortunate to be introduced to her and work via 李虹慧 Lee Honghui, who will be assisting with translation of the album information and, later, some of Brent's song lyrics into Chinese.  Hagen Music would like to recognize and promote the talents of such good friends.  And so...

2.  MAKING CONNECTIONS: Starting soon, Hagen Music will be starting a new series of posts featuring artists, musicians and other talented friends that we would like to help introduce to a wider audience.  The first will be a feature on Dallas Bluth (of Los Angeles, CA) and "The Monkey Zone." (Click if the anticipation is too much for you!)  Let's just say that without Mr. Bluth, you probably wouldn't be reading this now.  Stay tuned...

3.   "CARRY ON":  As mentioned in our first issue of "Work in Progress," Brent was working on a new song for Amnesty International Taiwan's 2011 "Voice for Freedom" Competition. We're happy to report that the song was completed and mailed on Tuesday.  A heartfelt thanks again to all the help from several friends who joined Brent in singing the chorus.  READ & LISTEN HERE if you missed it last time or want to hear it again.  Share it with friends, too!  

4.   NOW ON FACEBOOK:  And last, but especially important, Hagen Music is officially launching it's facebook page with the very simple and easy to use URL:  (Again, thank you, Dallas!)  This will be the best place to keep up-to-date on Brent's performances, so check it out and 'LIKE' our new facebook page.  We hope you will!

That's all the big news for now from Hagen Music.  Thanks to everyone whose joined us so far; it's been a wonderful experience and we're looking forward to seeing you further on down the road.  

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