Tuesday, October 3, 2023

About Dreams, Dreaming and Connection - a photo essay

Greetings, all, from the inner realms!
Once again, a different project than any previously mentioned grabbed hold of my inspiration engine and drove itself here to the precipice of public presentation. Well, it's a simple thing--I've already mentioned my Jungian preoccupation with dreams and the un- or subconscious mind. Some people in the world are very dismissive of dreams, seeing them as just the bubbling up and disgorging of mental effluvium, of no more consequence than a bowel movement. Maybe ... at times ... but surely dreams are much more interesting and meaningful than that. After all, just for one example, the melody to the song 'Yesterday' came to Paul McCartney in a dream and has since been the most covered song in ... human history, if I'm not mistaken. No such claim could be made for any bowel movements that I'm aware of!

Anyhoo, before this gets much sillier, let's go ahead and make that final push and see what's left at the bottom of this particular Cliff of Insanity...

- DH

The photos in the above article were all taken by yours truly, with only some minor digital manipulation in most cases and a lot in one. Apart from that, the layout and design of the article as a whole borrows quite a lot, I must admit, from a design by Brooke Wells for Eye Magazine on (appropriately enough) surrealism. I'm not trained in the art of design like she or my dad are, but I do like a good presentation and have taken this standard path to knowledge: cribbing someone else's work. (I really hope you don't mind, Brooke. It's a beautiful layout and I bow to your superior expertise.)

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