Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Performance News: Thursday, September 15th, 9pm at Riverside Music Cafe (河岸留言)

Brent's next performance will be next THURSDAY! 

Featuring special guests: Daniel St. Clair on drums and Kyle Jeffcoat on violin.

WHEN: Thursday, September 15th, 9 to 10pmWHERE: Riverside Music Cafe (河岸留言) 
                B1, No. 88-5, Sec. 5, Roosevelt Rd., WenShan District, Taipei
                Phone (旁電話):(02)2932-6252; (02)2932-6173
COST: NT$350 (includes one drink)
WHY: Because I'll be performing with special guests, Daniel St. Clair and Kyle Jeffcoat,
 of course!

But if that's not enough, I'll also be opening for ...
This guy is an incredible singer and guitarist; I've seen him perform a couple of times and I definitely recommend sticking around for his performance.
*          *          *
Photo courtesy of Ho Tien-li

Dear friends, I wanted to say thanks once again to everyone who came out to see me play last Saturday at Luguo Cafe.  I was especially happy to hold this performance in honor of my good friend Kaiwei (seen at right) who sang two songs with me; "More than I can say" written by my brother Kyle and "Fortunate Child" written by myself with help from Kaiwei.  "Fortunate Child" is the first song that I helped to create including Chinese lyrics.
"Fortunate Child' - performed here for the first time - was written for Alan.  Two and a half years ago, I visited Kaiwei's friends, Joseph and Regina (their English names), in Hualien; they housed us, fed us and showed us around.  Regina was about 8 months pregnant with Alan at the time, so we wrote the song as a thank you.

I also want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who donated money on my behalf in order to help me to continue with my musical endeavors.  I began my studies at Ming Chuan University this week and as a student am not allowed to work, so the money that was donated will help to pay for rehearsal time, instrument repairs and - eventually - my first CD.  But, to remember that my goal in making music is not simply about being successful, becoming famous or making money, I donated a portion of that money to another worthy cause. 
I make music because I love it and because I have something to share with the world.  It's also my goal to use my abilities and this music to make the world better if only in a small way.  
Brent D. Scheihagen

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